About Diamond Portraits Tokyo

Diamond Portraits Tokyo is a photography studio specialized in contemporary portraiture and located in Tokyo, JAPAN.

We will design your dream photoshoot with you to create perfect images that will show your true beauty and soul.

Our session fee is 20, 000 JPY and includes a preconsultation appointment to plan your photoshoot, hair and makeup done by a professional Hair and make up Artist, a fully guided photoshoot with several wardrobe changes, retouching of your best 25 to 30 photographs and some homemade treats and beverages to enjoy during the shooting.

Images are sold separately during an in person ordering appointment and start at 25, 000 JPY each. Beautiful handmade folio boxes are also available and start at 120, 000 JPY for 6 images. Every image you buy comes with a matted print and a high resolution digital file fitting the size you purchased.

Contact us now to book your photoshoot. Enjoy a day of pampering for yourself or bring your mother, daughter, sister, best friend or significant other to celebrate your relationships.

You might want to book a night out afterwards, because you will feel and look gorgeous!

The Photographer

My name is Kevin and I am a French portrait photographer living in Tokyo, JAPAN.

I have built Diamond Portraits because I strongly believe that every human being is beautiful. I want people to see how beautiful they really are, enlighten them and empower them, so they can then show the world.

People always tell me they are not photogenic or want to loose weight before being photographed, but I think everyone need and deserve to feel beautiful.

You are beautiful NOW, don't wait to exist in photograph, celebrate your life, celebrate who you are, those memories you create will one day be your most valuable treasure, a gift and a legacy, for you and the people you love.

Do not worry about your looks, do not be afraid of being in front of a camera. It's my job to make the most beautiful photographs of you you have ever seen. It will change the way you see yourself.

How do you dream of being photographed?

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